Feature Spotlight: Student Integration Engine

Only about 40% of AwardSpring customers take advantage of one of our most powerful features: the Student Integration Engine. So, what does it do? And how does it benefit institutions and scholarship administrators?

#1: It maintains accurate student data.

By pulling student data from your backend system, you no longer have to rely on students to provide accurate data during the application process.

#2: It keeps data in sync across multiple platforms.

With our Student Integration Engine, you can pull information like a student’s major, class schedule, or GPA directly into AwardSpring. Use that data to maintain a student’s scholarship eligibility and you’ll eliminate a few administrative tasks for yourself!

#3: It makes the application process even easier.

Populating your application with student data points from your SIS can dramatically reduce the time it takes a student to finish applying. In fact, if you can import a large volume of data points, you may be able to eliminate the application process altogether! Just let AwardSpring become your decision engine and match students to awards. Simple scholarships with no additional requirements will not necessitate any further action on the students’ part; if there are additional requirements, students can simply respond to those questions and essay prompts without re-entering any of the data that was pulled from the SIS.

Our Student Integration Engine can be added at any time for a one-time integration fee and a small annual maintenance fee. If you’re interested in learning more about our Student Integration Engine or would like to add it, simply contact us at support@awardspring.com.