Feature Spotlight: Award & Deny

Once all of your scholarship applications have been reviewed, it’s time to make award decisions - and AwardSpring makes it so simple to find the perfect candidate. Here’s how to make the most of the options and information available in the Award & Deny tab of your AwardSpring application, so you and your donors can be certain you’ve made the very best award decisions!

The Applicant Table

Each applicant to a given scholarship appears in an applicant table located in the Award/Deny tab. By default, you’ll see columns that list each applicant’s average reviewer score and the amount of money already awarded. Hover over the average reviewer score to see a breakdown of each individual reviewer score. You can add new column to reveal information that will be important to your award decision. Answers to any questions asked on your application can be added here, and you can add as many new columns as you’d like.

Filtering Applicants

Once you have customized all of the information you need, you can add parameters around that information to narrow down your list of applicants. For example, you may wish to only award students with a specific major, a GPA over 3.5, or those who have indicated that they have a financial need. (This is a great time to filter based on your donors’ preferences!) Use the “Add Filter” button to add as many filtering criteria as you’d like; once your filters are applied, any candidates who do not meet the requirements will be removed from the list.

Selecting Your Candidates

With filters in place, your applicant table is now full of the very best candidates for your scholarship. Clicking the arrows in each column header will sort the table by that header; this can help you see, for example, the least-awarded students or best-reviewed students rise to the top of the list. Once you’ve chosen the best candidate, click “Award” in the Action column for every student you wish to award. You can then click the arrow to the left of the Action header to deny all non-awarded students, or you can go down the list and manually choose “Deny” for each non-awarded student.

If you ever have questions about how to use the Award & Deny features, or if you’d like a refresher training course, just send us a note at support@awardspring.com and we’ll be glad to help!