Feature Spotlight: Custom Fields

AwardSpring administrators now have a simple way to add more information to scholarship records with our newest feature: custom fields. With custom fields, you can track and report on any data that’s important to you and your institution - and you have control over how that information appears in each scholarship record. Read on for more details about this new feature.

What kinds of custom fields can I add to my scholarship record?
In the “Details” tab of each scholarship record, you can add fields like:

- Additional Fund ID
- Scholarship Type
- Endowed Account
- Renewable
- College Designation
- Selection Committee

You can add up to 10 custom fields to your scholarships. Here’s an example of how the custom fields could appear in your scholarship record:

What custom field formats are available?
You can require a single response, multiple responses (as many as you’d like), an open-ended response, or a numeric response. That way, you can customize fields to your precise specifications.

Do custom field responses influence AwardSpring functionality in any way?
Your custom fields will be attached to the scholarship record only as additional data. They will not have an impact on eligibility, follow-ups, or any other AwardSpring functions. 

What is the benefit of adding custom fields to my scholarship records?
If your previous paper or spreadsheet method of scholarship management included more details about your scholarships than your AwardSpring site does, now you can get back to tracking that data. You can also run reports on this information. To set up a custom report that includes data from your custom fields, email support@awardspring.com with the details of your request and we’ll be happy to set it up for you.

Click here if you'd like to see a video overview of the new custom fields functionality.