Syncing AwardSpring Data with Other Systems

AwardSpring collects a wealth of data about students and applicants - and you can sync that information with your institution’s other data systems to solve problems, gain insights, and improve efficiencies.

The Awarded Students report is a great starting point for using data to solve a wide range of scholarship-related problems. This report covers the basics, including student name, awarded amount, and fund ID, all in a .csv format that’s universally compatible with other systems. How can you use it? Here’s an example: Sync your awarded students data with your donor engagement platform so you can see at a glance how much of your donors’ funds were utilized during a specific time frame. Or sync this report with your accounting platform, so you have an accurate record of expected and actual scholarship money disbursement.

What if you have another goal that requires information beyond the data contained in the Awarded Students report? For example, your institution may wish to improve diversity, and would like to collect information about existing students or applicants to set a baseline and track trends over time. The first step is to talk to your counterparts in your institution’s relevant offices to find out what data points are required. If those data points are represented in your application, you can ask AwardSpring’s support team to create a custom report for you. Custom reports eliminate the errors and processing time associated with manual data entry, and they can be created for you in just 5-7 business days. Once your custom report is built, it will be available in your reports dropdown forever, ready to run whenever you need it.

In some cases, using your AwardSpring data may require some advance planning. Let’s say your institution wants to encourage retention of high-risk students. Collecting information about family income and scholarship awards would help you track the impact of scholarships on retention - but your application doesn’t include a question about family income. In this case, you can add the question to your application and begin collecting relevant data after the next award cycle.

If you need a custom report or want to brainstorm ways to extract the information you need from AwardSpring, contact our customer support team at and we’ll be glad to help!