Optimizing Your Scholarship Application

Is your scholarship application as easy to fill out as it could be? When was the last time you reviewed it in detail? We recommend revisiting your application every year to simplify, streamline, and clarify your application questions as much as possible. Increase applications and improve your review process with our application optimization tips and tricks!

Debrief with your reviewers.

Ask your review committee for feedback about last year’s application. What information was most crucial? What information did they not use at all? And what questions were missing that would have helped them make decisions faster? Your reviewers’ responses will help you make changes to your application that will improve the reviewing experience.

Imitate successful applications.

Here at AwardSpring, we’ve noticed a few trends among applications that have a high percentage of completion. These applications typically have:

- Fewer than five sections 

- No more than three essays  

- Only one transcript requirement - the most recent one  

- Only one required letter of recommendation  Very specific essay prompts (rather than a generic “Why should you receive this scholarship?”)

In general, the most successful applications have limited requirements, specific requests, and user-friendly formats that provide students with flexibility in their answers. Adjust your own application to meet these standards and you’ll gain more applicants, more efficient review processes, and a better experience for all.