Introducing External Requests

We’re excited to introduce a new feature called External Requests. External Requests provide a new, flexible way to collect letters of recommendation, transcripts from counselors, approvals, and really anything you might want from a third party.

Key parts of the new External Requests feature:

  • Mini-questionnaires - Use any of the standard AwardSpring question types (document upload, essay, single answer, etc.) to create a template form for the external party to complete.
  • Application Integration - Requests are handled similar to questions which means you can use conditional logic, make them required or optional, integrate them with instructional text, and even move them to other sections.

With External Requests, applicants send emails to third parties to ask them to complete forms you have created. The applicant never sees the response, but is able to see that the request has been completed. This allows you to collect:

  • Structured letters of recommendations so each applicant is on a more level footing when being reviewed
  • Transcripts from counselors or approvals from superiors
  • New types of media like video and audio

We're excited to see how you use External Requests to move more of your process online.

Daniel Orofino
VP, Product Management