Feature Spotlight: Conditional Questions

AwardSpring’s customizable application allows you to structure your questions however you like, including using conditional questions. We highly recommend incorporating conditional questions to collect applicants’ background information and make your application simpler and easier to use; in fact, your implementation expert will likely use them when initially configuring your site.

Conditional questions use “if/then” logic to personalize the questions you ask students based on their answers to previous questions. That way, you can ensure that students only answer questions that are relevant to them.

Here are some examples of common conditional questions:

- Asking a student to choose his state from a list that appears only when he selects “United States” as his country of residence.

- A multiple-choice “Which branch of the military have you served in?” question that appears only if a student answers “Yes” to a question about prior military service.

- An essay question that pops up for a student to write about her volunteer work once she indicates that she has extensive volunteer experience to share.

Conditional questions are most useful for collecting background information in an efficient, customized manner, because you can nest conditional questions to dive deeper and deeper into a specific topic without making your basic application any longer. Using conditional questions will give students a better, simpler application experience - which can increase your total applicants.

If you need help implementing conditional questions, contact us at support@awardspring.com.