Feature Spotlight: Auto-Apply

AwardSpring’s Auto-Apply feature makes life easier for student applicants and administrators alike. For administrators, Auto-Apply eliminates tedious work, enhances award decisions, and increases long-term student retention. Meanwhile, student applicants save time with one universal application and appreciate the opportunity to be considered for all qualified scholarships.

Here’s how it works. Let’s say that John, a prospective student, just completed a simple scholarship application for your college. AwardSpring will scan all of your other scholarships to see if John qualifies for any of them. If so, John’s application will be automatically submitted for each qualified scholarship.

“The AwardSpring Auto-Apply feature is amazing.” -Cassie Fleming, Grants Manager, Community Foundation of Grant County Indiana

With Auto-Apply, you have a larger applicant pool to choose from for each of your scholarships. You’ll be able to use more of your scholarship funds, and you’ll have a better chance of finding the student who best matches your donor’s goals. That will keep your donors both happy and engaged!

“Our first year, we had a one-third increase in the number of completed student applications over all previous years.” -Sonja Hix-Cortina, Director of Member Services, Civica Management, Colorado Nurses Foundation

Students love Auto-Apply, too. It eliminates any confusion about eligibility and saves students time in the application process. Students instantly become eligible for more scholarship funds, making your institution more attractive.

AwardSpring’s Auto-Apply feature is turned on by default, but you can always turn it off if you’d like. If you do turn it off, just keep in mind that you’ll miss out on 5-10% of your qualified applicants.

Other scholarship management software solutions may offer similar qualified matching, but they typically still require several additional steps and may not capture all qualified students. AwardSpring auto-applies students based on robust matching criteria that you customize. During implementation, our incredible staff will take care of setting up all of your scholarships - including your matching criteria. Then, you can sit back and enjoy watching all of those qualified applications roll in!

To learn more about AwardSpring, request a walk-through of our platform and its benefits.