AwardSpring Implementation: What to Expect

Traditional software implementations come with a negative stigma. Doesn’t it seem like software companies habitually overpromise and underdeliver? None of that is true with our system. In fact, empirical evidence and feedback from our customers shows that implementing AwardSpring is usually described as “no big deal”. So, what’s our secret?

Here at AwardSpring, we have a long tradition of making incremental improvements to our implementation process based on our customers’ feedback. We’ve made it our mission to make implementation as smooth and seamless for our customers as possible. Here’s how:

--Dedicated implementation support. At the very beginning, we assign you your very own implementation manager who is dedicated to your institution throughout your entire first cycle, from the day your contract is signed through the last award that’s handed out. He or she will become an extension of your team, learning as much about your scholarship administration as your best employee.

--Optimized training path. We’ve developed a very specific order of operations for all of our implementation milestones that maximizes your understanding of the process while minimizing your time commitment. We’ll train you using your real data, not a simulation, so you truly understand every aspect of your new scholarship management system.

--Streamlined data entry. Many of our competitors force their customers to do all the data entry work required to set up scholarships in their system. Not us! Just give us your data in any format - spreadsheets, PDFs, web pages, etc. - and we will build a simple, clean version of your scholarship application, with check-ins along the way to make sure you’re happy with our work.

--Highly responsive customer service. Have a question? We’re here for you throughout the life of our partnership. In fact, we’ll respond to your inquiry within 30 minutes during our normal support hours. 98.8% of respondents rate their AwardSpring support experience as “good” after their issue is resolved.

"The ease of setup benefited both administrators and students…They assisted us from start to finish with custom designing the system to meet our needs." -James Trimboli, Director of Financial Aid, Niagara County Community College

If you’re currently using a manual process to manage your scholarships, implementation should take 8-12 weeks. It can take even less time if you’re switching from another scholarship management software to AwardSpring. Find out more about implementation through a one-on-one conversation with us.